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Monday Morning Motivational Moments

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One Sunday night in 1998, after a very traumatic week, I emailed a couple of friends about my week and decided to include the lesson I learned from the trauma. For the next five years, every Sunday night, I found myself reflecting on the previous week's challenges to figure out what I learned from them, and shared them by email with a few close friends. Little did I know these lessons were being forwarded to their friends around the world!

​ These reflections came to be known as Monday Morning Motivational Moments, and the reader base grew to several thousand internationally.

At the request of my readers, with a few hefty kicks from close friends, and with the encouragement of one of my mentors, the late Paul J Meyer, I published these writings in 2003 in my book of the same title.

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We all filter conversation based on our references with one another, yet it still sometimes comes out of left field when I'm having a conversation with a friend and they hear something completely different from what I said and intended. When we misinterpret, or somebody misinterprets us, its important to remember who they really are and forgive them, in advance, for the misinterpretation. Instead of "pay it forward", try "forgive it forward".

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Great Book! Full of very good information we all need to know to live a more healthy and disease free life. The book is Awesome! Just finished reading it last night. You did a great job! I'm a full believer in everything you point out in your book. Full of great info. and easy to follow. I will be practicing some of these steps in my life. Thanks for sharing and I will be sharing with others myself. Now for the other book.

Chris Johnson

Years ago, cancer, at least in most cases, was considered a death sentence. With the recent breakthroughs in medical science, nutrition, and a better understanding of the relationship between metabolic acidosis and disease, we find that cancer does not have to be the same horrific news that it once was. Regardless of latest findings, just the thought of having cancer is a scary and overwhelming, even to the mentally and emotionally tough. What does cancer mean? How does one begin to sort out all the information? If stress is part of the problem, how does one find peace when dealing with a cancer diagnosis? That is where this book come in very handy. "Cancer is great for your health" is a great place to begin to sort out all the choices. The Author's success, insights, and her no-nonsense approach give the reader an overview of the process many people will go through and provides useful resources and tools to survive- even thrive- in difficult times. As crazy as it sounds, a diagnosis of cancer can the catalyst for positive change.

Russell Foster

This book is very informative and I enjoyed very much. My husband was going thru cancer treatment when I read this and it was inspirational.

Shirley Wade

Linda, What a wonderful book – I have read it twice and telling everyone I know they should get a copy. Thank you, thank you, thank you for caring and sharing.

Ron Sweet

If you or anyone you even remotely care about is not taking care of themselves, your must read this book! Make a resolution that lasts!

Amanda McConkey

Linda thanks so much for allowing people to download this book today. There are two people that have terminal cancer in the local area I hope this is going to help!

Grace Ruud-Papadopoulos

This is a very much needed book - our society's health has deteriorated dramatically with a massive increase in chronic disease diagnoses, and prescription medication. Linda's book shows how, with a variety of simple daily principles, and basic understanding of how our bodies function, anyone can improve their health and vitality. Most important is that it's easy to read and understand, and the questions & exercises in each chapter, will help the reader create their own individualized health plan. Highly recommended for those family members and friends whom we would love to see take better care of themselves.


This book is a very short read and can be completed in a single setting. It challenges the conventional wisdom that our medical professionals and drug companies have bestowed on us. Instead of running off the cliff like lemmings when diagnosed with a chronic disease, Ms Kedy opens your eyes to an alternative that has proven to be very successful in treating these diseases. Even through the author is not a trained medical professional, it is obvious that she has spent time studying and analyzing a wide range of alternative medical choices. The book provides a plethora of suggestions on what we can do to take ownership of our bodies and to improve our own health. As she introduces different options she explains the benefits and why you should utilize it. My younger sister was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer before she was 30. I wish I had this knowledge 20 years ago when she was first diagnosed. People can take responsibility for changing the dis-eases that exist in our body. Ms. Kedy provides a vast list of resources that you can reach out to to find out more information to help yourself. In summary this short read book tells you that you have the option to control what happens to yourself when you receive diagnosis of a chronic disease. It provides a wide range of options that you can take today to make those changes and why you need to make these changes. If you or anyone in your family or friends is diagnosed with a chronic disease you should pick up this book and read it.

Jennifer Minge

Having gone through a cancer diagnosis with my brother several years ago and his subsequent passing, it would have been great to have faced the battle head-on with a book like Linda's. Knowledge is power and Linda provides that knowledge.

Jean L. Tenuta

"Cancer is Great for your Health" offers a welcomed departure from the 'tickle your fancy' self help books. Linda Kedy's honest, straight talk could literally save lives. Her words caused me to stop and refocus - knowing my health is paramount to fulfilling my destiny. How fortunate to benefit from the nuggets of wisdom that Linda gained from traumatic life experiences and years of research. I highly recommend "Cancer is Great for your Health" for yourself, friends, and family; you are sure to walk away with a more wholesome lifestyle and mindset.

Vandy Vela

Great book for everyone, healthy or not! This book is a great road map for anyone who has an interest in being healthy, happy and at peace with themselves. This is the future of healing and preventing disease.


Linda takes the cause of dis-ease and breaks it down into easy steps that will help you get to the root of your problems and in so doing get to the root or cause of dis-ease, ie cancer. She then shows you how to take that root and either destroy it or change it so that you can start healing yourself from the dis-ease. She walks you through the steps and even has pages that can help you ask yourself the questions to start working on the dis-ease from the inside out. The book was clearly laid out and a very easy, simple read.

Joy Curry

Great book for anyone who wants to improve their health and vitality. It's easy to read and understand, brief and to the point. It summarizes what you need to know to act without delays. It's a call for action.

Nataliya Lazareva

Yes, the book is about illness, and how one can overcome, and live a healthier life. However, on a deeper level it is the manifestation of a commitment that an amazing human being made, to take what could have been a devastating lot, and turn it into a gift, not only for herself, but for all the world to benefit.

Carol Grove, D.C.

Linda, you did it again. Less than an hour to read....short, to the point & powerful. I would highly recommend to anyone dis-ease or dis-ease free. Great to review later and also like how you make your readers fill in their personal responses to take ownership intoCANCER IS GREAT FOR YOUR HEALTH getting well or staying well.


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