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Accountability - The Key to Success

My mission is to share with you the simple secrets of success:
Freeing up your time to do the things you love, and do them today!
Leveraging your income streams to make money while you sleep!
​Engaging your body in the "youthing" process to ensure health and longevity!

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Coaching Testimonials

I just wanted to take a moment to drop you a note to let you know how much I so appreciate your guiding and coaching me through my health crisis with breast cancer. Having gone through the experience yourself made you invaluable to me during this difficult time. You also have so many proven alternative health resources to share. Thank you so much for reminding me about Dr. Young pH Miracle Diet. It is truly cancer fighting and I feel so much better following the knowing that I am doing good things for my body to keep the cancer from returning. I am also enjoying my MANA health drink each morning. You also told me how important it is to also address any emotional issues that may have contributed to my cancer. I appreciate your coaching to identify and deal with those. They are often difficult to admit and address. If you ever need a reference for your work, please free to pass on my name. Thank you again for all you did for me.

Love you, Eileen

When I accepted the offer for a ..session with Linda I already had in mind one issue that I wanted to work on. Not knowing how to deal with a particular situation situation was consuming me and I needed some help to change that picture. In a short session, Linda shifted my perspective and empowered my feelings about the problem. She quickly showed me how to tap into the right state to find the answers.


Our call was very effective. I feel that it instilled a perspective I had but it was mixed in so many other views. You focused me on the pain of being a poor financial role model for my daughters and connected me positively to feeling empowered out of my own experience. You helped me own and anchor the experience so it can grow. I do have a new experience for connection to exhilaration! Also have made progress on my vision board. I would highly recommend Linda Kedy as a coach to anyone who wants to make serious forward progress in any area of their lives.

Thanks so much! Deborah

Thank you very much for the complimentary coaching session--it was powerful. I am left empowered and ready for action with tools to change my state. I appreciate you--and you do live your possibility. I look forward to getting the info on the Unlimited Power and your coaching series.


I found our call valuable today because I felt you were really helping me solve my issue. ... I am glad that at the end of our call I had steps to continue to help get me out of the bad place I was in. I will continue with the homework you gave me. Thank you for the time you gave me and for being so sincere in giving me this gift.


Thank you very much for your complimentary coaching session and time you spend with me I'm very grateful. I felt reenergized and very, very helpful ,you taught me to always at any moment visualize the grateful/happy/proud moments in my life that shifted my State as well my focus which was very powerful. I'm looking forward of working with you to better myself and others thru your coaching/mentoring session in the very near future.


After my complimentary coaching session, I felt reenergized, focused, and ready to take action. I realized that my beliefs, physiology, and language were holding me back from moving forward with my education. Linda snapped me out of it and taught me how to activate 4 anchors that we created during the call. She also helped my with a MAP, which really clarified my goals and deadlines; it's helping me hold myself accountable. I would recommend Linda as a coach if you need somebody not only to give you tough love and honesty but help you develop a plan to reach your desires.


Workshop Testimonials

On January 4, 1997 I attended Linda Kedy's (Celebration) workshop, and she asked the question "How would you like to bring in NYE (New Years Eve) 1998?" I responded I wanted to be in Hawaii. By the time I left that day I was so excited and committed to the process. I began to tell everyone that I would be in HI for NYE and did all the things that Linda suggested I do. On March 13, I was flying to Chicago from Atlanta and I sat next to a gentleman who was very talkative. I told him my story about how I was claiming that I would spend NYE in Hawaii. At the end of the flight, he handed me his card and told me"call me, I'm going to give you that ticket"...turns out that he had over a million frequent flier miles. I was ecstatic when a month later I received my ticket in the mail, and spent NYE 1998 in Maui HI. On that trip I met a promoter and have since returned to perform on the island of Maui 9 times. It is my home away from home. BELIEVE!!!!

Sheryl Renee-Entertainer/Entrepreneur, SR Prod

Your thoughts on networking were excellent and I loved the quote from the Midrash. Keep up the great work!

Bob Burg, author of Winning Without Intimidatio

Linda, everyone has been buzzing since we came home about your session. I'm so thrilled with the outcome, every email I've gotten mentioned something that person was working on as an outcome of your motivational time with us. You're truly amazing, I learned a lot in many different categories. I made a poster and now have it as my computer background, the girls are all excited, I hope they will do the same. Thank you for all that you did for us, you inspire me!

Renee Powell, Executive Assistant, Jackson Cou

Linda's people skills and "can do" attitude make working with her a real pleasure. I've seen her handle the toughest of situations with ease & grace. She not only gets the job done she has everyone involved feeling great about it.

Deborah Battersby, Master Trainer, Anthony Rob

I met Linda almost ten years ago. In that time, I have seen her demonstrate exceptional leadership skills. She inspires the people around her both by showing others the way as well as with her genuine desire to help people them their lives. You can't fake those things; they're either real or not. Linda Kedy is the 'real deal'!

Ric Bachrach, President & C.E.O., Cele

In the area of personal development Linda personifies the best in what is needed in our country for demonstrating the right values, commitment, and follow-through in leadership.

Thomas E Wells, former special envoy to United S

We all benefited from Linda's marketing savvy, her good instincts and her commitment to excellence.

Peggy Dean, President, Peak Performance Corp

Linda is an International Business & Personal Elite Peak Performance Coach with the Anthony Robbins Companies, working with clients and business owners from around the world. She has worked with the organization in a variety of capacities for over 20 years at well over 120 events, including 4 years as a Senior Mentor in the US, Europe and Australia.

Linda also worked as a Senior Mentor with Peak Potentials companies, home of the world-famous Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar by T. Harv Ecker.​​

As an author, coach and motivational speaker, Linda specializes in helping busy people master, balance and simplify their lives. Whether you are looking to put a sense of balance back in your life, strengthen areas that need support, or just take your life to the next level, whether in the field of health and fitness, relationships, communication, finance, business, or spirituality, Linda’s skills as a life coach/mentor are the quickest way to help you get there.

Linda has been a successful Home Business trainer for 23 years and has been a top Executive associate with LegalShield for the past 14 years; she is an inspiration to the many thousands of associates within her organization.

Life Coaching

Whether you are looking to put a sense of balance back in your life, strengthen areas that need support, or just take your life to the next level, whether in the field of health and fitness, relationships, communication, finance, business, or spirituality, having your own personal life coach/mentor is the quickest way to get there. I offer a complimentary 30 minute telephone evaluation for new clients with a suggested course of coaching of a minimum of 4 thirty-minute sessions over a period of one month. If you are truly serious about creating life-changing results, a minimum of 3 months is suggested.
​For your complimentary evaluation click here.

Seminars & Workshops

Linda also offers a variety of workshops and motivational talks on Goal Setting, Time Management, Effective Networking & Communication, Leadership Skills, Alternative Health & Healing Strategies.

Her keynotes are:-
"What is Health - Beyond Diet & Exercise"
"Balancing Business with Life"
"The Journey Through Cancer"

Workshops include:-
"The Celebration Workshop" - celebrate next New Year's eve today, and break that down into daily action steps
"Unique and Effective Debt Reduction" - improve your credit scores, expedite paying off all debt and create additional cash flow - without any lump sum payments that other facilitators require!

Personal Development

Personal development is the key to enjoying every day of our journey through life, versus struggling through daily challenges. The more we succeed, the more we tend to take on. Understanding that life can be so much more fulfilling when we simplify it is the real key to freedom.

Each one of us is unique and everyone has uniquely different needs that can be met in a variety of healthy (and unhealthy) ways. By identifying our core values we can get clarity on the vision for our future and our life purpose. Then, as we start to prioritize and simplify our lives, by letting go of the stuff that has us mired in place, we can speed towards our respective desired destinations.

I have made many mistakes in my life and have been blessed to have learned great lessons from them. It delights me to share these experiences with you, whether in the capacity of a coach and mentor, or in the various leadership roles I play in life and business. Many of these lessons are included in my book, Monday Morning Motivational Moments (Click here.)

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