New! Cancer Is Great  For Your Health

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Quotes from "Cancer is Great for Your Health"

"'Battling' or 'fighting' cancer is not the way to get healthy..."

"'Awareness' means encouraging mammograms..."

"'Cures' don't need more research..."

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This book is intended as a support system for individuals who have been diagnosed, or had family & friends diagnosed, with cancer or other chronic diseases.

Linda Kedy with Cancer is Great For Your Health

The Book


1) Creating Cancer and Other Diseases (My Life Journey)

2) Diagnosis Can be a Curse or a Blessing

3) Researching Physical & Emotional Causes

4) Disease Is Just Dis-Ease

5) Decision of Life or Death

6) Alternative Healing Strategies

7) Making Victory a Must

8) Changing the Lifestyle

9) The Medical Fraud

10) The Better Choice

11) Effortless Living

12) My Action Plan

Introduction / Forward

Cancer is Great for your Health, will show you how recovery is very possible in most cases, especially with an early diagnosis, and how by changing one's lifestyle now, even before a diagnosis, is the best way to an extended healthy life.

  • What happens when we get diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening illness?
  • What are our immediate thoughts? Who do we call?
  • How many of our waking hours are consumed with these thoughts?
  • What spectrum of emotions do we experience?
  • Where do we go for guidance and whose opinions can we trust?
  • Do we ask for strength or sympathy?
  • Do we allow people to commiserate with us or encourage us?

It's time to start looking at things differently and take personal responsibility.

It's time to donate your money to support health education rather than research.

It's time for re-education and doing your own personal research.

Don't allow the media and false advertising to cloud your perspective.

Don't support research of self-inflicted diseases like diabetes.

Do pay attention to where you volunteer your time and finances.

We live in a society committed to medical solutions versus healthy solutions. In today's western society, the winners are the pharmaceutical companies and doctors, closely followed by the lawyers who solicit class action suits for damages incurred by prescription drugs.

This book is intended to give you a different perspective on health so that you may ensure your own "health plan" as opposed pay to be insured with a "medical plan".