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I am available for a 30 minute complimentary coaching session, where you may learn more about health principles than many doctors learn in medical school! Please contact me to schedule your session.

"We, as individuals are responsible for our own health - taking advice from others without doing your own research, is irresponsible. "

There are many options available for diagnosis and healing. Mammograms radiate & compress the breasts and should be a last, not a first resort, as the compression can cause the breast tissue to become fibrous. Here are some great alternatives to the conventional mammogram:

Ultrasounds or thermograms give an earlier, better, and more detailed detection. Live blood analysis (aka microscopy) is amazing and gives us a clear view of the quality of our blood, and therefore our health, in real time. Quantum biofeedback also detects disease earlier and is completely non-invasive. These are all tests that you can observe in real time.

Having successfully completed my own journey through breast cancer, and created outstanding vitality in my own body, I believe the best ways to monitor your personal health situations are in ways where you can watch your own testing in real time.

Please know that the only products I endorse are those that have made a significant and, in some cases, massive improvement to my personal health.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey to outstanding health!

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