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Independent Associate

Legal Services

We work hard for our money and don't always get treated right by big business or our government. We MUST protect our interests, and having North America's largest legal firm on your side for pennies a day just makes sense wit​h LegalShield.

With no long-term contract required, why not get your Will (your last love letter to your family), Living Will and Powers of Attorney for free, just for trying out the service!

Protecting your business is as important as protecting your personal and family interests. With our affordable legal and business consulting plan, you can do this for just a couple of dollars a day.

Check out our specialty plans: Employee Benefit Plan and Commercial Drivers Plan

Identity Shield

With an identity being stolen every 4 seconds in the US it's important to have Kroll Advisory Solutions, the global leader in risk mitigation, on your side. It's not just big business out to get us, whether intentionally, or unintentionally through data breaches; people who are in dire straights themselves are today stealing identities from others who are better off. Identity protection is important, but restoring a stolen identity is the biggest challenge, at an average cost of $8000 and, more important taking an average of 600 hours of your time. The Identity Theft Shield is the only monthly membership to offer identity protection, monitoring and restoration.

Our Opportunity

When I first looked at this company, I was not excited about representing attorneys who, until that time, had provided me with huge bills and little service. As I studied LegalShield's business model it became clear that they were intent on providing top quality service for minimal cost, actually revamping north America's legal system. It was also clear that, unlike other network marketing companies where the product is primarily purchased by its own distributors, LegalShield's membership is a stand-alone product, not dependent on the opportunity.. Since starting with this company late in 1998 my team and I have helped over 14,000 individuals get started in their own business but, much more important, we have helped almost 100,000 families and businesses get protection with our membership plans.

Because of the uniqueness of this business model it would be very difficult to duplicate it, which therefore leads to an extremely high renewal rate creating a lifetime (and Will-able) renewal income.

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