Life Balance Coaching

What is health, beyond diet and exercise?

Health is simple, it’s just an absence of disease, or dis-ease in your body.When we experience discomfort in our bodies, other than through physical trauma, it’s usually because we are lacking essential nutrients, or because we are unable to eliminate toxicity.
What our bodies need, first and foremost, is sufficient oxygen (without which we can only survive a matter of minutes), hydration (without water we can only survive a matter of days). Caffeine and sodas dehydrate the body, quite apart from the sugar (the #1 feeder of cancer cells) and aspartame (a known poison).  Cleansing, eliminating parasites, ensuring a balanced pH (acid/alkaline), oral care, knowing your blood type and planning your nutrition around it, are all great ways of ensuring health.

There are many options available for diagnosis and healing and I believe the best ways to monitor your personal health situations are in ways where you can watch your own testing in real time.Live and dried blood analysis (aka microscopy), quantum biofeedback, applied kineseology, are non-invasive methods that give us a clear view of the quality of our health in real time.  Ultrasounds or thermograms give an earlier, better, and more detailed detection of cancers, whereas mammograms radiate & compress the breasts and should be a last, not a first resort.

It’s time to start looking at things differently and take personal responsibility.  Don’t allow the media and false advertising to cloud your perspective.  Don’t support research of self-inflicted diseases like diabetes.  Do pay attention to where you volunteer your time and finances.  It’s time to donate your money to support health education rather than research.  It’s time for re-education and doing your own personal research.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey to outstanding health!

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