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Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Roasted Nuts. Read more..

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About Mi Casa

In the heart of the highlands of Michoacán, Mexico, a small family embarked on a journey in 2000 to create a tequila portfolio that would not only reflect their dedication but also uplift the local community. Initially aspiring to be the premier agave producers globally, circumstances shifted in 2005 when the agave market flooded. During a pivotal family dinner, they decided to transform their familial land into a thriving tequila label. Engaging in graphic design, navigating importation challenges, and investing personally during economic downturns, they persevered. Finally, in the summer of 2011, Mi Casa Tequila docked in the San Francisco Bay Area, marking the beginning of a successful venture into cocktail culture. Today, after 13 years, their unique portfolio, featuring single barrel limited editions, stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality. The family ensures each expression meets their standards before shipping to the port of Oakland, where they operate a bonded warehouse. Their highland tequila, cultivated at 6500ft elevation, boasts a robust 32% brix ratio, resulting in aromatic and smooth small batch tequilas. The distillery in Aranda's Mexico practices open air oxygenation, uses new filters for each distillation, and ages spirits in Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey barrels, imparting a subtle smoky flavor. Mi Casa Tequila, a family-owned and operated endeavor, prides itself on sustainability, responsible business practices, and community engagement. Their efforts extend to paying double the industry average to plantation hands in Mexico, funding infrastructure projects, and actively supporting various charities and non-profits. With multiple awards, including a double gold in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Mi Casa Tequila stands as a testament to the family's dedication, producing spirits that speak for themselves. Their 10-year stainless steel rested Blanco, crafted from single estate agave, showcases a profile that enthusiasts can savor, whether neat or in their favorite cocktails, bottled at 90 proof. It's a pleasure to support this small family business, where each bottle represents a labor of love and a commitment to excellence.

Mi Casa Añejo captivates with its deep amber hue, a testament to its aging in oak barrels. It shimmers with rich mahogany and copper shades, hinting at the depth within.

The aroma is a delightful embrace of sweetness and warmth. You'll find yourself enticed by the rich caramel, toffee, and butterscotch scents, complemented by notes of toasted oak and vanilla. Dried fruit and a sprinkle of baking spices add to its inviting charm.

Tasting this tequila is like uncovering a treasure. It offers a luxurious mix of caramel, dark chocolate, and roasted nuts, smoothed out by the influence of oak. Toasted vanilla and a wisp of smokiness add sophistication, while dried fruits like raisins and figs lend a unique twist.

The finish is as smooth as it is enduring, leaving a trail of caramel, oak, and dark chocolate. Subtle spices round off the experience, adding warmth and complexity. This tequila lingers on the palate, ensuring a memorable aftertaste.

Mi Casa Añejo's mouthfeel is rich and velvety, coating the palate with a balance of sweetness, oakiness, and spice.

Mi Casa Añejo Tequila is more than just a drink; it's a crafted experience. Perfect for sipping slowly or adding a touch of luxury to your cocktails, it's a journey through rich flavors and intricate aromas.



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Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Roasted Nuts.

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