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Bittersweet Citrus, Dried Cherries, Wormwood Read more..

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Amaro Lucano is a distinguished Italian herbal liqueur that has been a staple of Italy's amaro category since its creation in 1894. Originating from the small town of Pisticci, in the Basilicata region, Amaro Lucano was founded by Pasquale Vena, who developed the liqueur's unique formula. The recipe has been closely guarded and passed down through generations of the Vena family, becoming a symbol of Italian tradition and craftsmanship in the process.

The amaro is known for its complex and balanced flavor profile, achieved through the maceration of more than 30 herbs and botanicals. While the exact ingredients remain a family secret, it is widely acknowledged that the blend includes bitter and sweet oranges, angelica, wormwood, and gentian, among others. This intricate combination gives Amaro Lucano its characteristic bittersweet taste, with notes of herbs, citrus, and spices.

Amaro Lucano is traditionally enjoyed as a digestif, served neat or on the rocks, and is celebrated for its purported digestive properties. However, its versatility extends beyond this, as it has also become a popular ingredient in cocktails, lending depth and complexity to a variety of mixed drinks.

With an alcohol content typically around 28% ABV, Amaro Lucano is both potent and smooth, making it accessible to both newcomers and aficionados of Italian liqueurs. Its production involves a careful process of aging and blending, ensuring that each bottle delivers the rich, nuanced flavors that have made Amaro Lucano a beloved choice among Italian amari.

Over the years, Amaro Lucano has not only remained faithful to its original recipe but has also embraced innovation, introducing new products and variations that celebrate its heritage while appealing to contemporary tastes. Despite these evolutions, Amaro Lucano continues to embody the essence of Italian liqueur tradition, offering a taste experience that is rooted in history yet timeless in its appeal.



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Bittersweet Citrus, Dried Cherries, Wormwood

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