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Amaro Nardini is a distinguished Italian liqueur produced by the historic Nardini Distillery, which is renowned as Italy's oldest distillery established in 1779. Located in Bassano del Grappa, near Venice, the Nardini family has been crafting traditional Italian spirits for over two centuries, with Amaro Nardini being one of their signature offerings.

Amaro Nardini is crafted from a meticulously selected blend of herbs, roots, and bitter orange peels, which are infused in alcohol to extract their flavors. This infusion is then carefully balanced with pure mountain water and sweetened to create a harmonious blend. The key ingredients that contribute to its distinctive flavor include gentian root, peppermint, and alpine herbs, giving the amaro its characteristic bittersweet taste with complex herbal and citrus undertones.

With an alcohol content of 31% ABV, Amaro Nardini is known for its rich, full-bodied texture and a well-rounded flavor profile that perfectly balances the bitterness with a subtle sweetness. It is commonly enjoyed as a digestif, served neat or on the rocks, to aid digestion after a meal. Its complex flavor profile also makes it an excellent component in a wide variety of cocktails, where it adds depth and character.

Amaro Nardini stands out not only for its quality and flavor but also for its heritage and the legacy of the Nardini family in the Italian distilling industry. The liqueur's traditional production methods combined with the family's commitment to innovation have ensured that Amaro Nardini remains a beloved choice among aficionados of Italian amari. Its reputation for excellence is a testament to the Nardini Distillery's enduring passion for crafting spirits that celebrate the rich tapestry of Italian botanicals and the art of liqueur making.



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Liquorice, Peppermint, Orange

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