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Citrus, Floral, Green Peppers. Read more..

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Dixeebe Barril Mezcal is a unique and highly regarded spirit, deeply rooted in the traditions and culture of mezcal production. This exceptional mezcal is a product of the collaboration between Asis Cortes and his father, Valentin Cortes. Their family boasts an impressive history in the mezcal production industry, spanning over 180 years in the Santiago Matatlán region of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Tasting notes for Dixeebe Barril Mezcal highlight a captivating combination of flavors and aromas. Upon tasting, one can expect to experience refreshing citrus and floral notes, complemented by hints of green peppers. This is further enriched by a creamy banana flavor, adding a layer of complexity to the mezcal. The overall flavor profile is a harmonious blend of these elements, offering a unique and memorable tasting experience.

About Dixeebe: The name "Dixeebe" (pronounced “dee-sh-bay”) holds significant cultural importance. It is a term of respect and love, reflecting deep gratitude for their culture, traditions, and ancestors. This reverence is evident in every aspect of Dixeebe Mezcal's production, viewed as both a gift from the gods to humans and an offering from humans to the gods.

The production process of Dixeebe Mezcal adheres strictly to traditional methods passed down through generations. This includes cooking the maguey piñas in underground pit ovens, crushing them with a tahona (a traditional stone wheel), and double distillation in copper stills. These time-honored techniques ensure that each bottle of Dixeebe Mezcal captures the essence and authenticity of its heritage.

Dixeebe Mezcal is committed to producing small batches to maintain the highest quality. The modest palenque, or distillery, is equipped with two stills, four small fermentation vats, a tahona, and a roasting pit. There's also an ageing cave for ageing mezcal in glass for future releases. Each batch results in only a few hundred bottles, emphasizing the brand's focus on quality over quantity.

Unique to Dixeebe, the entire line is offered in 375ml bottles, unlike other brands that predominantly use 750ml bottles. This decision aims to make super-premium mezcal more accessible and affordable, lowering the risk for consumers who wish to try high-quality mezcal without the hefty price tag of larger bottles.

The Dixeebe Mezcal Espadin expression is particularly noteworthy, crafted from Agave angustifolia, known as maguey Espadin. This variety is cultivated and harvested with care to highlight its unique flavours and characteristics.

Dixeebe Mezcal stands out for its deep cultural roots, commitment to traditional production methods, and focus on quality and accessibility. It's a brand that not only offers an exquisite mezcal but also represents a rich heritage and a deep respect for the traditions of mezcal making​



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Citrus, Floral, Green Peppers.

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