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In the picturesque heart of Normandy, France, a story of tradition, craftsmanship, and the pursuit of excellence unfolds with the creation of Dupont Fine Reserve Calvados. This exceptional spirit is the fruit of the Domaine Dupont, a family-run estate deeply rooted in the rich soil and unique climate of the Pays d'Auge region, renowned for producing the finest apples and pears in France. Here, the Dupont family has honed the art of distillation and aging to perfection, crafting calvados that are celebrated worldwide.

The tale of Dupont Fine Reserve Calvados begins in the orchards, where a careful selection of over a dozen varieties of apples—and occasionally pears—are grown. These fruits, chosen for their complementary flavors, are harvested by hand and meticulously fermented into cider. This cider then undergoes a traditional double distillation process in copper stills, a method that extracts the very essence of the fruit's character, resulting in a pure and potent eau-de-vie.

But the journey doesn't end there. The heart of the Dupont Fine Reserve's magic lies in its aging process. Stored in oak barrels, the calvados matures, softens, and gains complexity. Over time, it develops a harmonious blend of rich apple flavors with undertones of wood, vanilla, and spices—a testament to the patience and expertise of the Dupont family. The Fine Reserve, typically aged between two to five years, strikes a perfect balance between the freshness of young calvados and the depth of older vintages.

Each bottle of Dupont Fine Reserve Calvados tells a story of a commitment to quality, from the selection of fruit to the meticulous distillation and thoughtful aging. It's a narrative that invites connoisseurs and novices alike to explore the nuances of a truly artisanal spirit. Sipping Dupont Fine Reserve is more than just enjoying a calvados; it's an experience that transports you to the lush orchards and ancient cellars of Normandy, offering a taste of the legacy and passion of the Dupont family.

This spirit is not merely a product but a cultural icon, embodying the essence of the Normandy region and its long-standing traditions in apple cultivation and calvados production. Dupont Fine Reserve Calvados stands as a beacon of French craftsmanship, a symbol of the enduring bond between the land, its people, and their dedication to creating something truly extraordinary.

Key Facts

  • Calvados Fine Reserve has aged 2 years in oak barrels, with 50% of new oak.
  • Terroir: Clay and Oxfordian Marl Soil
  • Varieties: 80% Bittersweet Apples, 20% High Acid Apples
  • Harvested: From September to November
  • ABV: 40%
  • Technique: The apples are mixed, crushed and pressed. The apple juice is fermented right out to give cider to be distilled. Double distillation is carried out one month after the fermentation has taken place. The first distillation gives the "petite eau" at 30% by volume and it is the second distillation, that of the "petite eau" which gives the Calvados.
  • Aging: Two years minimum. In toasted 400 l (88 imperial gallon) oak barrels, 50% of which are new. Bottled when ordered.

Tasting notes

  • Appearance: Clear, Golden-yellow.
    Nose: fine, complex, very intense. Aromas of apple, pear, vanilla and citrus with earthy hints .
    Taste: Round and fresh. Shows fruity aromas, of vanilla and dried fruits.
  • Finish: A well-integrated whole with good intensity.



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Apple, Pear & Vanilla

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