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Amidst the hallowed streets of Dublin, where history whispers from the cobblestones and the present hums with the vibrancy of the now, there brews a tale of a spirit both rare and revered—Red Spot 15-Year Irish Whiskey. This spirit, a beacon of craftsmanship and tradition, embodies the essence of a city that dances between the shadows of history and the light of modernity.

In the lineage of the Spot whiskeys, Red Spot holds a place of honour, aged for 15 years, a testament to patience and foresight. Its maturation in bourbon, sherry, and Marsala wine casks weaves a complex narrative of flavours, a testament to the art of blending and ageing. It is a narrative as rich and layered as Dublin itself, a city of poets and dreamers, of hardship and resilience.

The journey of Red Spot begins in the quiet sanctity of the distillery, where the spirit is born from the union of malt and grain, distilled in the traditional single pot still method that is the hallmark of Irish whiskey. Here, in the heart of the distillery, time stands still, allowing the whiskey to absorb the whispered tales of its casks, each imparting its own chapter of flavour— the sweetness of bourbon, the depth of sherry, the exotic touch of Marsala.

On the palate, Red Spot is a revelation, a symphony of flavours that speaks to the soul of the drinker. Notes of ripe fruit mingle with the warmth of toasted oak, hints of nutmeg and vanilla play across the tongue, and the finish, long and satisfying, leaves a trace of sweet wine and spice. It is, in every sip, a journey through the streets of Dublin, where every corner holds a story, where every stone is a testament to the passage of time.

But Red Spot is more than just a whiskey. It is a reflection of Dublin's spirit, a city that balances the weight of history with the pulse of the present. It is a tribute to those who dare to dream, to those who look beyond the horizon and see not just what is, but what could be. In the crafting of Red Spot, one finds the embodiment of Dublin’s indefatigable spirit, a spirit that refuses to be confined by the past, that embraces the possibility of the future.

For the connoisseur, Red Spot 15 Year Irish Whiskey is not just a drink, but an experience, an invitation to explore the depths of flavour, to savour the complexity of its blend, to reflect on the passage of time that brings such a spirit to fruition. It is, in its essence, a celebration of the craft of whiskey making, a craft that, like the city of Dublin, is rooted in tradition yet always looking forward.

In the end, Red Spot is a toast to the city of Dublin, to its people, its history, its resilience. It is a reminder that, in the heart of Ireland, there beats a spirit that is both timeless and timely, a spirit captured in the amber glow of the whiskey glass. So let us raise our glasses to Red Spot 15-Year Irish Whiskey, to Dublin, and to the journey that lies in every drop.



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Toasted Oak, Nutmeg, Vanilla

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