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Discover the essence of California with Geijer Spirits' California Fernet, a meticulously crafted spirit that embodies the spirit of innovation and tradition. This exceptional Fernet is born from a base of neutral grain spirit derived from corn, providing a clean, crisp foundation that allows the complexity of its botanicals to shine through. Each ingredient is carefully chosen and blended to contribute to the Fernet's unique profile, making it a standout addition to the world of artisanal spirits.

The creation process of California Fernet by Geijer Spirits is a testament to patience and precision. The selected botanicals undergo a prolonged maceration process, spanning several months, to ensure that every essence and nuance is extracted. This careful maceration is crucial to developing the Fernet's deep, rich flavors and its distinctive aromatic profile. Following this, the final product is allowed to rest in tanks, a period during which it attains a level of bottling mellowness that sets it apart. This resting phase is not merely about achieving the right flavor balance; it's about allowing the Fernet to mature into a spirit that is both harmonious and inviting.

While the full recipe remains a guarded secret, a hint at the botanicals used reveals a commitment to quality and complexity. Among the bittering agents, Cinchona bark and Gentian root play pivotal roles, contributing to the Fernet's distinctive bitter edge and depth of flavor. These ingredients, along with a meticulously selected array of roots, herbs, and spices, are intentionally chosen to craft a Fernet that is harmonious, yet offers a challenging profile suitable for everyday enjoyment.

California Fernet by Geijer Spirits is bottled at a robust 40% ABV, presented in a sleek 750ml glass bottle with a bar top closure. This presentation is not only about aesthetics; it's a nod to the spirit's premium quality and the care that goes into each batch. Whether you're a connoisseur of fine spirits or a newcomer to the world of Fernet, California Fernet offers a unique tasting experience that is both authentically Californian and universally appealing.

Embark on a journey of discovery with California Fernet, a spirit that marries the craft of traditional Fernet production with the innovative spirit of California. It's a testament to Geijer Spirits' dedication to creating spirits that inspire, challenge, and delight. Enjoy California Fernet as a sophisticated digestif, a base for complex cocktails, or a bold sipper that stands proudly on its own.



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Cinchona Bark, Gentian Root, California Bay Leaf

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